It is dangerous to underestimate the impact of sun exposure to one’s skin. Most people operate under the assumption that skin damage (SD) may only occur after prolonged contact with the sun on, say, a leisurely day of tanning at the beach. This is false. In fact, as proven by the American Academy of Dermatology, up to 80% of the sun’s ultraviolet rays can shine through the clouds and cause SD.

It is important to be proactive in the pursuit of protecting one’s skin, especially given that more than two million cases of skin cancer (SC) are reported each year in America alone. Children, in particular, run a high risk of developing damage.

If you go outside, then you should not spend more hours in the sun as its rays are dangerous for your skin and health. Sometimes sunburns also lead to skin rejuvenation which has become convenient with the modern dermatologist techniques[...]

The Best Nail Fungus Cure

If you've got toe nail fungus, then you must be embarrassed to show your toe nails to others. Well, you’re still in luck if the fungus thrives only in the toe nails, at least you can hide them under your socks and shoes. But what if it is in your fingernails? How else can you hide it?

Well, instead of thinking of ways on how to hide finger nail fungus, you might as well find a permanent solution to it. Yellowish, thickened, and uneven nails can be very unsightly and embarrassing. Living with them is an ordeal – until Zeta Clear was developed.

Due to overwhelming demand ZetaClear is now available in Australia through select on-line retailers. The solution is composed of all-natural ingredients, more particularly tea-tree oil. In certain studies, it was found out that tea tree oil can greatly help in restoring toe nails and fingernails back to their normal colour [...]

How to remove skin tags

If you are interested in how to remove skin tags yourself, you probably are curious what causes skin tags in the first place. The skin growth commonly referred to as a tag is believed to be the result of years of skin rubbing against skin, and thus is most prevalent in people over 40. They normally appear near creases and folds in the skin, which is why they are so common in the neck and armpit area.

This skin rubbing against skin is thought to trap bunches of collagen and blood vessels inside thicker bits of skin. This is widely believed to be one of the leading causes of skin tags.

In addition to learning what causes skin tags you might also be interested to know who is most likely to get them. While anyone can end up a candidate for skin tag treatment, they are most common in people who are overweight or[...]

Skin Problems and Treatments

A popular TV presenter was terrified when she realized how fast her skin tags were growing on her face. How would she be able to stand before the camera with hideous skin tags spread all over her face? The skin tags were so disturbing that she even thought of removing them with kitchen scissors at home since her health insurance did not include dermatology treatment.

She had three tags taking the colour of her skin and two tags with hyperpigmentation. What she needed was a proven skin tag removal system she could use form the privacy of her home. There were so many options available, both over the counter and online. She was skeptical but willing to try Revitol Skin Tag Remover. She applied the product three times a day but didn’t notice any changes in the first few days[...]